Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do you stock-up your pantry regularly?

Having lived through one of the worst natural disasters in Papua New Guinea, where a volcano erupted with such a force that the whole township of Rabaul was totally wiped off the map in 1994, I always have a basic emergency kit in my home. It consists of a first aid kit, can opener, torch, batteries and my spare keys for the car and house. These items are kept in a backpack which I could easily carry, in case I need to evacuate my home in a hurry. You may notice that food and water are not included here because evacuation from the house in the quickest time is crucial as in cases of fire or earthquake.

Thanks goodness, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said today that the new multi strain virus appears not to be as aggressive as was first feared. Heaven forbids if the swine flu reached our shore as a pandemic. It’ll be a different emergency situation altogether. Planning for a long stay at home, possibly without water and electricity, may be an emergency plan imposed by the authority. I wonder how many of us would have been caught short of an emergency preparation that requires an extended stay at home. Do we have adequate food, water and essential supplies to help us manage and cope with a prolong emergency at home?

I think that we should be prepared for times of crisis, whether it's a man-made disaster or a natural disaster, and I think it's wise and prudent to stock up on food. Being prepared for emergencies can reduce their impact on you and your family. Besides, stocking your pantry with basic ingredients leaves you prepared to create nearly any meal for only a few dollars. It also can help you find healthier meals to prepare instead of the expensive, pre-made store bought processed foods.


  1. how about more recipes for making home made preserved food to keep for emergency...

    we cant be eating canned food during emergency rite????

  2. Hi BY,
    Recipes for making food from scratch and preserved food such as beef jerky (angmo bakkua), pasta sauce from market fresh tomatoes, chye poh(preserved raddish)and kimchi(Korean pickles) are "akan datang"(coming soon).


  3. Hi BY,
    You have to stock up food that is your favourite and normal diet in your pantry.But still, you can have nice and exciting food make from scratch from your pantry. Lookout for those recipes here.