Monday, November 2, 2009

Why is melon treated like a durian?

Although durians and melons come from two different families of fruits, they both often undergo the same type of scrutiny by some of their potential buyers before they are bought. Like the durian, melon is smelt for fragrance, weighed and tapped. To pick a good melon, the expert says choose a fruit that feel heavy for its size. When tapped lightly, your melon melon should sound hollow to indicate that it's mature and ripen. Most melon are picked ripe, so their sweetness doesn't increase once it is harvested. Avoid those with bruised, soft, watery,punctured,cracked or decayed rinds Choose a melon with a firm yellowish or creamy underside or ground spot since it rests on the ground as it grows. Of course, buying a cut melon wrapped in cling saves you the guesswork, but look for firm, juicy, deep pink-colored flesh and shiny dark seeds, if any. Avoid flesh with white streaks or a reddish-tan color, or that is either too soft or watery. To prepare melons for serving, chill melons before eating for the best flavor. Wash the dirt from the rind with water before putting it in the refrigerator. Before cutting, rinse the rind again under cold running water. Once cut, cover with a cling wrap to prevent from drying out, then store on the lowest shelf of the fridge for up to three days.


  1. phil, i found water melon growing in s'pore here

  2. Hi YG,
    Where are they grown? In the communal gardens? I have two young vines which came from the compost heap, growing in the backyard. Mind you, they are very invasive and may take over the backyard. I'll will decide later whether to put them back in the compost bin. But again, the fruit are popular thirst-quencher during summer.