Sunday, January 17, 2010

An Appeal For Your Help

Hi everyone,
I've just heard from Uncle Phil, about the plight of a teenager in Singapore, who was involved with an accident and would now need continual financial support.

Here's the article that appeared in The New Paper on 19 Oct 2008.

And here's an appeal blog that was recently setup by the boy's father. They must be in need of help desperately now.

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of such cases in Singapore. We can't help everyone, but let's help someone.

I'm wondering if there's something we can do to help him for the longer term. Perhaps something that can generate some kind of regular financial assistance.

Thank you!

Hong Wee


  1. Thank you very much for your efforts, Uncle Phil and HW. I am sure Azri's family greatly appreciate your help. That's the unmistakable Victorian spirit at work. It is indeed heartwarming to know that there are people who care even though they do not know Azri personally. :-)

    Nil Sine Labore

  2. Hi Victor,
    Nil Sine Labore!

    Victoria thy sons are we
    And we will not forget

  3. Hi Phil
    This is Goh from Sec 4A (1965) same class as Liew Meow Koon and Mok Kong Chua and the great athetes Baharom and Goh Ek Piang. I wonder whether we would know each other.

    I am sure you would remember the Justin Rozario fund raising during our time. This is in the same spirit, so therefore I will be making a small contribution via OVA


  4. Hi Goh,
    Hi Arther,
    Gee, Of course, I know all of them. I went back to Singapore in December and meetup with Leong Soon Siong, Lam Soh Har, Richard Tan Siong Guan, Foo Boon Chiang, Chan Fook Kee (brother of Miss Chan who is married to David Ee) Ek Piang was supposed to come for lunch but he was away.
    Yes, I do remember Justin Rozario. I painted the banner for the stage with Boon Chiang.
    I came to know about Azri during my last balek kampung, through a fellow Victorian whom I come to know through blogging.
    Do keep in touch.

  5. Hi Arthur,
    Are you guys with OVA? We were talking about 50th Anniversary for the Class of 65. Anyone organising it?
    Please send me an email so that we can keep in contact.

    And we will not forget...


  6. Good evening Senior Victorians...
    I am very much Junior but again, i would like to thanked you for bringing this matter...
    Sir... a little deviation from the topic...
    if you are in Class of 65 (i was only 3 years old then)... i assumed that you will know another fellow Victorian, Abang Tan Tek Chua, who was in VS in 1962... and he's still playing soccer with us fortnightly...
    thru him, I've also met another of his classmate, Abang Lim Yeow Khee...
    if you need their contact details (assuming that you've know them and have lost touch with em) do drop me an email at or call/sms me at 91064555...
    anyway to loosen the string so that the cat can crawl out of the bag...
    think the OVA is going to hold a 135 years anniversary at our beloved Tyrwhitt Campus, next year...
    another Victorian blog is...

  7. Hi Roshaizan,
    Thanks for the opportunity to renew and reconnect to my old school ties. Those names ring a bell. Wow! 135th Anniversary! that's a very good excuse to balek kampung again. Please keep me posted.

    Nil Sine Labore