Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chicken Curry with Baguettes (Chiam Tow Loti)

Although picnic is not a popular activity for most Singaporeans, I was delighted when a couple of families came to join their Singaporean compatriots for a picnic lunch at the Bicentennial Park in Sydney Olympic Park, today. I do not know the exact reason why picnic has lost its popularity as a weekend pastime back home but one of the most likely reasons could be directed and blamed on the numerous air conditioned shopping malls and shopping complexes found in Singapore. Without a doubt, shopping and eating out in air condition comfort have become a favourite weekend family outing for most.

One of the most memorable picnic spots in Singapore that stand out in my mind is Changi Point. It has indeed casted a magical spell upon me. My childhood memories of picnics, fun and games and camping on the beach during those long school holidays were created right there amongst sandy beach, Malay kampung trails and the bridge across the creek. (The bridge is still there when I balek kampung last December). To this day, there is something special about having picnics and eating outdoors, whether it is having a barbecue in my own backyard or traveling some distance with my family and together with a picnic basket to eat our lunch beside a babbling creek under a shady Casuarina tree.

My childhood memories of picnic food often included mum's curry chicken with baguettes(Chiam Tow Loti / Roti Perancis)

Chicken Curry(Kari Ayam)Recipe:

1kg. Chichen cut into pieces
400 ml Coconut milk.
1/2 cup Cooking oil
Ingredients to be finely grounded.
350 gm shallots (abt 25pcs)
10g 2 cloves garlic
50g 2 stalks Lemongrass (serai)
10g 3 Candlenuts (buah keras)
20 g Galangal (3 slices)
10 g (1 cm )Tumeric
20 g Ginger (3 slices)
20g Dried Chillies (soaked)
20g Belachan (toasted)
2 tbsp Corriander seeds(ketumbar)
1 tbsp Cumin (jintan puteh)
1 tbsp Fennel (jintan manis)
2 pc Kaffir lime leaves (shredded)
1tbsp salt, or to taste

Heat oil to saute the shallots and spices until fragrant. Add chicken pieces and cook for 5-7 minutes over medium heat. Add coconut milk and kaffir leaves. Simmer until chicken is tender and gravy become slightly thick. Serve with rice or bread.


  1. Uncle Phil,


  2. Hi Yen,
    这是真的。我应该想到这一点. Everyone said that your curry is yummy. Please post and share your recipe here with us.

  3. Hi Uncle Chee,

    Actually, I just any how mix here and there,

    Half pack of A 1 curry paste,
    Babas curry powder,
    2 pieces of big onions --
    Fresh milk plus coconut milk..

    Thats all,


  4. Hi Yen,

    谢谢, You are a godd cook, please share and post more of your recipes here.

    Terima kasih,

    Uncle Phil

  5. Uncle Phil

    I cooked the curry yesterday, it's so good... and the left over taste better today.

    My husband loves it and he said "this is the best curry you've cooked". Thank you for sharing the recipe :)


  6. Hi Esther,
    It is nice to know that you and your family enjoy the chicken curry from my mum's recipe. Thanks for trying the recipe and commenting on the result.