Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have a nICE day, mate.

A white blanket of frost cloaked my car when I went to pick up the morning papers in the driveway this morning. The overnight temperature must have dipped to a couple of degree below zero, while everyone was in bed. I shivered through its coldest dawn in nearly thirty years as the weatherman confirmed in the early morning TV news. The popular ski resort town Thredbo in the Snowy Mountain and Cooma at its foot has dipped to minus nine degrees, while Armidale registered minus eight degrees and Glen Innes was seven degrees below zero in the early hours of the morning.
''There were pretty widespread frosts out to Dubbo and even as far as Cobar,'' said a Bureau of Meteorology forecaster, Jake Phillips.The frost must have created a freezing havoc on the fruits and vegetables gardens on the fringes of western Sydney, overnight temperatures dipped to a decidedly brisk minus two. '
Frost is becoming a challenge for some fruit growers west of the Blue Mountains, while the cold snap hit rural area, it will probably lead to a price hike in fruits and vegetables this week.


  1. Uncle Phil,
    This is my first winter in Sydney and I am freezing. By the way, how do I get rid of the frost on the windsrceen in the morning?


  2. Hi Kiat,
    Welcome to Sydney and thanks for your visit. I just spray water onto the windsrceen with a garden hose. Take care.

    Uncle Phil

  3. Brr... no wonder I couldn't get out of my warm bed this morning :) It's going to be another cold morning tomorrow.. brrrr...

  4. What time did you actually wake up collecting your paper? From your picture, it is still looking dark..haha

    By the way Uncle Phil, when are we going to meet up? I sent you a message through facebook and left a message on your mobile and also called you several times but your mobile is sleeping all the time..haha

    Jenny couldn't believe that we have not met yet!


  5. Hi Linda,
    I am so sorry. I belong to a generation of not turnning the mobile on and do not know how to text a message. Haha. My son started the facebook for me and he thinks that I am the dumbest dad in the world to learn how it works. haha. We look forward to meet you and your family. What about this coming school holidays? Email me is a better bet to get me.

    P/S I pickup my papers at 5am.

  6. Hi Uncle Phil.
    I am not able to send view your email address through your profile. Would you be able to drop me a line at my email address at linda.low@aussie.com.au in order for me to have yours? Thanks..:)

  7. Hi Linda,
    It's right on top of this page. I cut and paste it here for you.
    "Please feedback or send your contributions to unclephil.sg@gmail.com "
    Anyway I drop you a line.