Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to make Hospital Corner bed just like Army boys.

Nobody loves a pushup, right? They're practically a hallmark of every basic-training Army scene farmiliar to every male Singaporean ever since the mandatory National Service started. Usually performed by a bunch new army recruits laboring under a brutal corporal and in a cold dark morning as part of the 5BX (exercise routines to muscle up scrawny 18 year old in a time set period of 3 months) or as a collateral punishment as a platoon when someone struck out his right leg at the start of a march in Enche's (Sargent Major) sacred parade square. Aside from their other newly learned strange traits of being new recruits, they soon able to stomach five roti pratas at one sitting when allowed to signed out for their first home visit and drinking themselves silly at parties, army boys (national service conscripts) make the best bed because they know how to make hospital corners like the nurses. While many may argue there are other far more important things to learn in this mandatory national obligation and life might seem far too short for this sort of trivial household chore, there are fewer things as pleasing and inviting as a well-made bed.

How to make a Hospital Corner of a Sheet

1. Take corner of sheet between thumb and
finger and draw around corner of the mattress.
2. At the same time, slip other hand under side edge of sheet and draw upward into a diagonal fold.
3. Lay this fold up over the mattress.
4. Now turn under mattress the part of sheet left hanging.
5. Drop upper fold and tuck in under mattress. This makes a box like corner.


  1. Uncle Phil, I wish you had pics to show.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Maybe I can draw some pics for you...:)

  3. Ha ha ha, yes, times sure flies. i also remembered how good those fried chicken done by those cooks. Do you happen to know the recipe too?

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I presume you belong to the same generation of NS recruits as me. Incidentally I do have the recipe for the "dog" biscuits (navy biscuits)..hehe