Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flood of the Century in Brisbane We share Together

At the most direct level, the explanation for the inflationary impact or the shortage of any fruit and vegetables in the pasar (marketplace), that lies in the mind of most Singaporeans, is to put the blame on Mother nature for causing the flood or drought in our neighbouring countries in the first place. There is no doubt, there is a strong correlation between the weather and those making a living off the ground but how aware are we city dwelling Singaporeans when face with the fury of Mother Nature? Not unless you are one of the few Overseas Singaporeans living in Brisbane right now.
Brisbane has been bracing for the worst flood in 100 years since Monday when Toowoomba was battered by a torrent of rain that caused an "inland tsunami" of water to cascade cars and other vehicles down the high street. Since then, It has turned into a creeping flood towards the city of Brisbane and infiltrated and inundated farms and houses along its path. Land and livelihoods are ruined, as are the countless kilometres of rail, road and bridge.
As I write, heartbreaking images of residents on their rooftops and their homes inundated in a sea of brown water, are being televised throughout the morning. The breaking news is 12 people have been killed and 45 are still missing in the Queensland flood. For now, as the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh have warned, there are grim days ahead, as the death toll is likely to climb.
Like many Singaporeans, our thoughts are with the flood stricken and hope they can return and rebuild their homes soon.


  1. phil, the weather is topsy turvy. summer's temperature in melbourne has been hovering around the 20s. i heard it is flooding in
    northern victoria.

  2. Likewise in Sydney, we hardly have any Indian summer. But look at the floodings from Queensland to Tasmania.

  3. I would like to send prayers for those battling this tradegy.. this will make a country stronger.