Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fish Floss - the simple way.

Look, what I have found in my vege patch!. This is one of the five caterpillars munching away greedily at the kaffir lime leaves. Of course, it is not an optional ingredient for the fish floss recipe. It is left in the garden to continue it's metamorphosis to become a butterfly.
Although we always have some herbs growing in the garden, they seem to run out of supply, killed by the occasional heatwave or they have died of hunger and thirst mainly due to our negligent to feed them.
I still have a lot to learn how to be self-sufficient. I think it's important to move to the next level of learning how to grow and garden sustainably. It's definitely cheaper as I don't have to rely and pay an exorbitant price at the supermarket for my herbs and vegetables.

Mrs Garf's Fish Floss Recipe


1 can 425g Tuna

1 Tablespoon soys sauce

1 Tablespoon salt

4 Tablespoon sugar

2 Tablespoon vegetable oil

1 teaspoon Bonito fish stock pwoder (optional)

3 kaffir lime leaves (optional)

2 chillies (optional)

Open can Tuna and drain away water

Place tuna in heavy pan and mash finely over low heat.

Add soya sauce, sugar, salt and optional ingredients and continue to stir-fry until mixture is dry.

Add vegetable oil to prevent sticking. Continue to mix and fry over low heat until mixture becomes dry, flacky and golden brown. Remove and enjoy.

It is delicious when sprinkered over rice/rice-balls for your bento box.


  1. wow. i didnt know it's so easy to make! i must make some for my wife to eat!

  2. You are a good man. I cook this dish without adding chillies because my son does not like spicy food. It is for his school bento so we left out the chilies.

  3. Interesting recipe! going to give it a try with chilli padi...yum!

  4. Hi Danny,
    Good luck. Tell us your result.

  5. i just bought the tuna maybe try this weekend!

  6. Hi uncle phil,

    Saw the link to your blog from the overseassingaporean site. Must say it is a very interesting read! Want to try your fish floss recipe.. and perhaps make my own kiam neng. :)

  7. Hi Aurorin,
    Thanks for stopping by. Hoping fellow Overseas Singaporeans (OS) contribute their family cooking secrets here and enjoy our common culinary heritage. We hope that this blog gives the meaning to the phase 'comfort food' when food is a link to home especially to those who are living away from family and friends.

  8. Hi Uncle Phil,

    Thanks for passing us a bottle of fish floss, my kid must have some to go along whenever we cook porridge. It just taste awesome. When I know you have started this blog, I am sure it will bring back lots of memories especially to those living overseas. I will lookout for more receipes to come.

    Lim & family

  9. Hi Lim & Family,
    It's our pleasure. Do come and visit us anytime. You are most welcome.

  10. i try already not bad my wife likes it!!

  11. Hi Uncle Phil,

    Mrs. Garf doesn't have this much cooking skill. It's all Uncle Phil's invention! Sounds alot yummier than what I would/can come up with.

    My version is simply to get the tuna (comes with olive or whatever oil), and drain the oil from the can, put in the frying pan, mash it well and just let it dry in the frying pan under very low heat. Stir every 10-15 min. It should dry up in about 1 hours or so.

    Uncle Phil has invented such wonderful fish floss, and unlike my lazy style :)


  12. Brian from Southern CaliforniaJanuary 5, 2012 at 5:18 PM

    Thank you so much for this recipe. On our recent flight to Taiwan, they served this with porridge. I looked online and at the stores and could not find it anywhere. Thanks to you, I have a wonderful topping for my morning porridge.

    Thank you so much!!!

  13. Hi Brian,
    I am pleased to hear that you are enjoying this fish floss recpe with your porridge. Incidentally, my son likes to spread it on a buttered toast.

  14. I made fish floss using your recipe. Very easy to make and very delicious too! :)

  15. Hi Yeeing,
    I am glad you find it delicious and it is easy as ABC!

    Uncle Phil

  16. wow! I haven't had this since I was a kid--I gave it up because of all the MSG and other additives. Can't believe I've been missing out all these years! Your recipe was so easy and so delicious. I had a can of oil packed tuna so I used that, same as one of the other commenters--saved the step of draining and adding oil, just tossed the whole can in. I used prepared Thai green curry paste (saved another step) and made half plain, half spicy. Both delicious! Thank you Uncle Philip!!!

  17. my granny used to make it long long ago. recently i wondered how it wss done. Tried with salmon - what i had in my fridge. Wow half hour of frying at low heat and it really looks like granny s fish floss. Salmon wont do cos too fishy. This time i tried with white fish but cant achieve the colour. i checked the web and found ur recipe. Tks i ll try again with tuna and hopefully achieve the taste and colour. Cheers