Monday, February 16, 2009

About Me

My name is Phil, and this blog will be an online journal of my journey and transition towards a slower paced and balanced way of life. I have always wanted to live simply and sustainably, build my Eco friendly mud bricks house, plant my own fruits and veges, living well for less, but for a long time I don't know what that mean and how to do it. When I finally started to figure it out I decided to make a blog to learn and communicate with others who want to do the same.

I live in northwest of the city of Sydney. I've lived in Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Australia most of my life. I also spent my growing up years and young adulthood in Singapore where I was born.

I once heard that it is easy to start a blog but to keep it going is an art. You assist me, won't you?.


  1. yes yes!! we will support your blog!!

  2. I enjoy reading your entire blog so far! Way to go!

    I will try out some of the traditional receipes! Yum!

  3. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for visiting. Do continue and support.


  4. i am happy to have stumbled upon your blog this morning. welcome to the blogging world. would love to read more about your discoveries/thoughts on a more balanced and sustainable living. keep your posts coming.


  5. Hi qnge,
    Thanks for stopping by. Glad that you are interested in my journey towards sustainable living. True to our national psyche, food is always a talking point, and I hope that my blog has not become another 'makan blog' (laugh).I will keep you posted on "sustainable living" in between the lines.

  6. good to know about your blog... and from a fellow countryfolk now living in the same country. but i don't live in sydney...

  7. Hi Island,
    It's funny to address you as Island.Thanks for your visit. Can I include you in the list of new found friends? BTW where are you in OZ?

  8. yes, i'd prefer to be known as island :) sure you can include me. i'm living in sunny brisbane.

  9. Sure, I can understand why. You are an island in the sun. :D especially in sunny Qweensland. I always hold dear to Brisbane. Cos, I first arrived there 35 yrs ago.

  10. Happy to have found a fellow Singaporean blogger! :) I'll be checking in here more often in the future. ~ SydneyLibrarian

  11. Hi SydneyLibrarian,
    Always nice to know another kaki lang. Please do visit again.


  12. Hi Phil,

    I stumbled onto yr blog when I was looking for something close to home.Im also from Singapore bt have been lving in Metro Manila since relocating with my Filipino husband in 2002.

    I've a name in making the "best Laksa in Manila" from people whom I've cooked for ;) I jus love to bring back the gd old taste of hawker foods I grew up eating.

    I learnt Nonya recipes from my paternal granny & Teochew dishes from my maternal granny.
    I've soooo much pride in creating all my sambals from scratch,I even grow my own Kaffir Lime plant & Galangal!

    Thank you for sharing yr "secrets" in making salted eggs & Kiam Chye! I simply love Kiam Chye Ark bt eat it with sambal belachan added into the soup for a fusion of Nonya-Teochew!ahahahahahhaahahah U shld also try it & let me knw if you like the combination.

    I can be reached at

    More power in cooking & eating!!

    Spicy Susan :)))

  13. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for your visit. I hope that you are able to share your "best laksa in Manila" recipe with fellow Oversea Singaporeans around the globe.Feel free to contribute in this blog to keep our traditional family recipes alive. Thanks again.
    Cheers, Phil