Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Bouquet To You.

We are inundated with emails and overwhelmed by the reponses and encouragement from friends and Singaporeans back home and especially those living abroad. We did'nt know what the internet could do to us! At this moment, we are unable to write and reply personally to thank each and everyone, but we will eventually come to it.

It was only yesterday that I have learnt how 'to copy and paste' from a friend and supporter of this blog. To show off what I have just learnt, I have successfully copied and pasted our posting we wrote to the OS forum. This is the posting that has caused a tsunami of emails upon us.

"We have just returned from a short "balek kampong" trip to Singapore and were amazed by the great variety of fusion food between eastern and western foods available to us. We did enjoy these new version of food but what we missed were simple traditional foods that filled us with memories of the traditional kitchens, with its preparations for special feast days and the simple ritual of everyday family meals.

We are aware that food preparation and cooking styles have evolved with the hectic lifestyles and needs of the younger generation. But unless we silverhairs past it to them (on the the presumption that they wanted to learn) these traditional foods and cooking secrets will be lost and slipped beyond the realm of recall.

My wife is currently compiling a collection of simple home cookings and recipes that are normally passed through the generations by word of mouth. We are writing this post to ask for your help and share your family cooking secrets so that we all can preserve the true flavour of the original food for the young ones to keep. Please send your cooking recipe to our blog. "

We are now sorting and categorising recipes into their appropriate groupings such as Nonya, Malay, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, etc.. Please bear with us for a moment, as we are not very computer savy and have limited PC skill. It will take some time before your family secret cooking recipes could be published in this blog. Please continue to send your support and comment in this blog. We thank you again.


  1. Hi BY,
    Uncle and Aunty are a bit slow mah... especially typing leh.. But lucky thing hor we just bought a 22inches LCD monitor yesterday.

    Hi Yama chan,
    If you are reading the above comment,you may have problem translating with the google translate. (Hemi tok ples b'long mipela ologeta Singapore wontok. Olsem Piggin b'long mipela. Bai yumi tok Piggin tasol. Haha.)

  2. Correction - that was a 24-incher ;)