Saturday, June 13, 2009

Any barter trader out there?

We received a message from Angela of Sydney asking whether we would like to have some hydroponic- grown chili and will be delivered personally this Saturday. How could we turn down such a good offer and kind gesture? In return we sent her an invite to have a meal with us. A flurry of one line messages followed to confirm place, food and time. We finally decided to have peppery Bak Kut Teh, literally translated from the Hokkien dialect as “Pork Bones Tea”. We were disappointed when she said that she can’t have a sit-down dinner with us but will have it as a takeaway. We are naturally pleased to oblige.

I wonder how many of you have noticed that Angela and I have just done an old kampong trading transaction called barter trading. It certainly isn't something new that we have invented; bartering has been around for a very long time. It's the way our ah kongs and ah mahs (grandparents) conducted their daily business and how they survived in their kampong days. Although many of our younger Singaporeans aren’t aware of this system at this present time, our grandparents bartered on a daily basis.Back in those days, people simply produced almost everything they need themselves. And what few things they didn't produce from their small vegetables plot, they procured by barter trading with someone in their kampong. On feast days or festival days, families exchanged traditional kuihs and cakes not because they can enjoy a greater variety without having to make them but it was a communal spirit of sharing among them.
Our grandparents and parents have set a precedent, and if this isn't Greek to you, then you understand that bartering is an economical and clever way to save money. If you barter an item you no longer need, you not only clear a little clutter from your house but you save money. Furthermore it helps someone else and gets something you can really use in return. It's a way of taking care of our needs and at the same time someone else's wants without spending money. As a self confessed hoarder, this is going to be a difficult task. But I am heading that direction and didn’t have much choice as my Mrs has given a dateline for me to clear the garage by springtime.
By re-educating ourselves on the right track to barter, are we able to revitalize this tradition of bartering and open ourselves up to the many resources and possibilities available to us from where you are now living.

Anyone willing to barter for my Sup Kambing ?


  1. we got nothing to trade with you leh.

  2. Uncle Phil
    I haven't tried your bak kuh teh yet, will have it very soon. I hope you will like the chilies.

  3. tried your bak kuh teh
    is very good and there are so much meat
    i think this barter is to your disadvantage leh
    thank you for the soup

  4. uncle phil
    thanks you very much for your soup
    so much meat...
    now i so paiseh...don't think the barter trade this time is to your advantage leh

  5. Hi Angel,
    Nice to know that you enjoyed the bak kut teh. It was our main course for dinner tonight. Come and join us for a meal anytime. No need to barter lah.


  6. Hi BY,
    We couldnt extend the invite tonight because we are still 100% well. We do not want your babe to catch anything from us.
    We will organise a meal together soon.
    No need to barter when you come to my place for a meal.

  7. Too bad you can't send sup kambing over the internet. I just made bread (with bread maker lah) & have extra. :)
    I barter with a neighbour here all the time (lemon grass & chili for limes; half block of blachan for her home grown papayas, etc...) It's good fun.
    Too bad we're not neighbours.

  8. Hi Nonya Vin,
    We can srike a deal here. I barter a room when you visit Sydney, likewise we have a room at your place when we visit Florida.
    Deal done?

  9. hello uncle phil, no worries!! the BB crying already kept us very busy!!

  10. uncle phil

    tried the chilies yet?

  11. Hi Angel,
    Wow! nearly hit the roof. Cannot eat lah!
    Will use it as an organic pesticide spray. All the bugs sure die lah.

  12. Deal!
    Will also provide transport from Orlando to kampung because quite ulu... & will also give guided tour of county. :)

  13. Hi Nonya Vin,
    Deal Done!
    Hey I gonna write and expand on this idea among others reading my blog. We could travel the world without worring about accomdation.
    What you guys think?

  14. i told you is very hot already!!!
    use SPARINGLY!!! for human consumption

  15. Hi Angel,
    Have to give you the chilli seeds from our garden to plant hydroponically leh.


  16. no space at the moment
    this orange chilli has overtook the other 2 plants
    i hope the red chillies are not too hot for you