Monday, June 8, 2009

Teochew Braised Duck aka Lor Ark

Although my first attempt of cooking the Teochew braised duck cannot be compared to the famous Ah Seng Duck Rice at Serangoon Garden Way in Singapore, the component was there, but the duck available in Sydney is not as chewy and has a different texture to those ducks my grandmother raised in her kampong when I was a child.
Yesterday, I had to prepare some food for a birthday gathering for my family and friends. After referring to a few family long held recipes, I came up with this recipe of Teochew braised duck as a main dish. As I had to cater for a gathering of 16 people, I have to buy and cook two ducks for this occasion. But here is the recipe for cooking one whole duck.


1.8 kg whole fresh duck
½ cup sugar
2 tsp Five-spice powder
4 tbsp sweeten dark soya sauce (thicker than the standard dark soya sauce.)
4 tbsp light soya sauce
12-15 cloves garlic, slightly crushed
3 star anise
6 cardamom pods
8 cloves
1 stick cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 inch galangal, sliced (if unavailable use ginger)

1 cucumber, sliced
3 stalks coriander leaves, cut into 1 cm lengths

1. Blanch duck with boiling water. Rub both inside and out with 1 tsp five- spice powder and salt. Leave duck to hang at room temperature for about two hours.2. Put sugar in a large wok and heat over medium heat. Keep stirring until sugar caramelizes.3. Sear prepared duck on all sides. Add ingredients and 2 ½ cups hot water. Bring to a boil.4. Reduce heat, cover wok and simmer for 45 minutes. Turn duck over and continue to simmer for another half hour.5. Remove cooked duck from the wok. Reserve the sauce and thicken with 1 tbsp corn flour to pour over the duck when serving. Leave to cool and rest the duck at room temperature for 1/2 hour before cutting into serving pieces. 6. Serve garnished with the coriander leaves and sliced cucumber, with a black vinegar sauce and garlic dipping sauce.


  1. oopsss... missed out on this one!

  2. Hi BY,
    Soz.. but you will be on the invite list when we have lor ark again.

  3. hello uncle Phil, I was recommended your blog and am impressed with the volumes of recipes you have. I tried the lor-ark recently as it is my family's favourite since we were young. My late mother taught me to cook it her way, which is quite the same as yours, except for an additional small piece of dried tangerine. As I am not in Australia and cannot get invited to taste your lor-ark, we can't compare. You might like to add dried tangerine the next time though. Thanks for sharing all your recipes. I am quite keen to try some of them.

  4. Hi Jadelee,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Well, we'll send you an invite when you come to visit Sydney. You are most welcome.