Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to make Egg Tofu Restaurant Style...but

This recipe was given by a distant relative, who owns a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. We were invited to eat there several times during our recent trip to Malaysia. Each time, when asked what we would like to have in the restaurant, we would answer in unison, “Can we have the egg tofu”? How could we possibly refuse not to eat such a delightful savoury egg tofu dish? It was served with a crispy coating on the outside and creamy and silky on the inside with a sumptuous topping of pork mince and fragrantly fried chopped salted radish (chye poh). Unfortunately I‘ve never managed to recreate this dish exactly at home. And I am sure I won’t be able to find it at any restaurant here in Sydney. Although, it one of their many signature dishes, I didn’t pursue to find out how they did the meat topping and let it remains a trade secret to its owner. So I tried to do something else with it. Serving the egg tofu with mixed vegetables or added to pork-mince and prawn-mince with black bean sauce. Egg tofu is a very versatile ingredient with a smooth texture and can be used in any recipe to substitute the ordinary tofu. I even used it in steamboat. Please have a go at it.


500 cc soya milk
5 eggs
½ teaspoon salt
Pinch of pepper and chicken powder stock

Prepare steaming tray by lining an oblong loaf pan lined with cling wrap.
Combine soya milk with eggs and beat lightly.
Strain the mixture into loaf pan.
Bring water to boil and turn it down to medium-low after you put the mixture to steam about 20-30 minutes or a toothpick inserted in it comes out clean. The tofu will not be smooth if the steam is too strong and on high heat. Place pan in cold water and lift the wrap out of your baking pan. Refrigerate.

To have a crispy tofu:
Dust cooked tofu with corn flour and quickly transfer it to a heated fry pan with 1cm of cooking and pan fry for about a minute each side until golden brown. Carefully arrange it on a plate and add meat sauce/vegetables. Serve immediately.


  1. powerful egg tofu! receipe for Achar pickle?

    Feel like making it...:D

  2. Thanks for the recipe Phil. My steamer is round and made of bamboo.I wonder if it would make any difference if I use a round cake form & steam them in a bamboo steamer instead? I just found a Swedish version using skimmed milk, but I think the soya milk will taste much better.

  3. Hi Danny,
    Yes. My wife reckons her Mum's Achar recipe is nambor Satu! You have to hurry before the cucumber take its winter holiday...:D

  4. Phil, that's what MY mum used to tell me too, that Auntie's achar was the best. Would be wonderful to know her secrets!

  5. cucumber winter i know why price went up in winter....faster post the recipe..for Achar!!!

  6. Hi Danny,
    The weather hasn't been kind in Sydney at the moment for making Achar. The sun is hiding behind the rain cloud. Please wait.

  7. Hej Uncle Phil,
    I am so please with this tofu recipe, see my picture here!

    Thanks again!

  8. Hej Estee,

    We are glad that you are able to make your own tofu in Sweden from now. Stay tuned for the achar recipe. Cheers

  9. Great! I love achar too! My Mum is half baba, we often have achar in the fridge. It´s our "Must have" side dish on dinner table.

  10. Hi Phil

    Wanna try out your tofu this evening.
    For crispy tofu, can I save the cooked tofu and dust it with corn flour only when I need to use it the next time.
    Will it still give me the crispy effect after storing for a couple of days ?

    BTW, you have an interesting blog, keep up the good work and I look forward to learn more from you.

    Thanks Phil.

    From: CClarice

  11. Hi Clarice,
    Yes you can store the cooked tofu in the fridge until futher use. Thanks for your visit and glad you are enjoying the post.

  12. Hi uncle phil,
    could i check what kind of soya milk are u referring to? is it the asian non sweetened kind? or any brand in particular?
    thanks in advance!

  13. Hi Anonymous,
    Try using the freshly made unsweetened soya milk if not I'll use the Asian non sweetened soya milk from the store.

  14. Hi,

    Can visit and you will be able to make easy tofu, TauHuay, all time Singaporean favourite desserts.

  15. Hi uncle Phil,
    Tried it on a plate, using a wok to steam. Center was watery and not really cooked but side was ok. What could have caused center part to be watery? Fire was as according to your recipe.


    1. Hi Cherry,
      The heat maybe too low. Try to cook it on medium heat.

    2. Hi uncle Phil,
      Tried on low, medium and high heat. Result always watery in center. Maybe the depth of plate and the fact that plate was uncovered?
      Thanks for such a quick reply.