Sunday, April 12, 2009

We were guests at our dinner table

Not very often we were told that we'll be dinner guests at our own home. Last night, we had a gathering of Singaporean friends and the main dinner was prepared by Garf and his wife. We were given a wonderful Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls dinner where everyone had to prepare their own dinner. At the start the dinner we were given a demonstration on how to make this yummy treat. Many of us find it a bit fiddly making our first roll but after the third roll we soon got the hung of it. In fact, it is quite similar to rolling a popiah (Singapore spring roll) except you have to soften the wrapper by sliding the rice wrapper in hot water and turning them until it begins to soften in about 30 seconds. Take the softened wrapper and lay it on a plate. Put half of leaf of lettuce, mint and chive, top with vermicelli noodle, prawn, and pork meat, arranging in a line across the lower half of the wrapper, leaving the edges clear. Fold the bottom of wrapper over the fillings, then fold the sides and roll into a tight cylinder. The roll is served with “nuoc mam”dipping sauce. I will post a detailed recipe for this refreshing and tasty Vietnamese dish once Mrs Garf emailed it to me.

True to our “bring a plate” dinner party’s protocol, we did bring a plate of dessert "kaya kuih"( Egg Custard Glutinous Rice Pudding). Here’s our contribution.

For making Rice Pudding Base:
21/2 cup glutinous rice
11/2 cup water
1 cup coconut milk
1 tsp salt
For Kaya (Egg custard) Topping:
6 eggs
2 cup sugar
3 cup coconut milk
3 tbsp custard powder
1 tbsp plain flour.

Soak glutinous rice overnight. Drain the glutinous rice and put in a 25cm square tray. Pour coconut milk and water and steam the rice for 25 minute over high heat until cooked. Beat eggs lightly. Combined all ingredients and add to beaten egg mixture. Cook and stir the mixture over low heat for 1-2 minute until thickened. Remove steamed rice from heat and press the rice with the back of a wet spoon to compact it. Pour egg mixture over steamed rice and steam for 20-25 minutes or until set. Make sure the kaya kuih is cooled before cutting to serving sizes. Enjoy


  1. I want to have a bite of your kaya kueh Phil!!!!
    I made this once, Mattias & Nelina did´nt quite like it..they find it very strange to eat rice with sweet topping. At the end I am the one who finish up the whole tray by myself...not bad huh? I wonder if I could freeze it then steam it when I am craving of kueh?

  2. Hej Estee,
    It is the same over here. My Teen son is not too keen on Singaporean dessert. I do not know whether the kaya kuih freezes well. I will put a piece in the freezer and let you know the result.

  3. Hi Phil, the recipe looks really easy to do! My Italian hubby loves kueh and when we get the ready made ones here in Melbourne, just doesn't taste the same and sort of taste plastic? and they all have some additives, kinda of scary. Looking forward to your other recipes!

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for visiting.We try not to add any additives or artificial colouring to the food we eat. Stay tuned for more nonya kuehs recipe. My wife recently made some golden yellow and purple coloured angku kueh by adding kumara and purple sweet potatoes. They look very colourful. We'll write about natural food colouring soon.


  5. this one.. must put in the fridge for the top layer to harden then nice..

  6. Hi BY,
    You are right. It taste nicer and makes it firmer and easier to cut into serving sizes.

  7. put fressh strawberriez on it.issel'Oregon