Monday, April 20, 2009

Recording the home birth of a bean sprout.

I was greeted with a surprise when I went to rinse the mung beans under the tap with warm water this afternoon at 4 pm. It was less than 24 hrs ago,since I first took the beans from the pantry to soak in the warm water. I was not sure whether it will germinate as it has been in the pantry for nearly a year.I was pleasantly thrilled to find the mung beans have sprung into lives by pushing out its tiny roots! Well, since I am rostered off work for the next three days I will be takings photos and recording its growth.

These photos were taken this morning at 9am. This nursery for the mung beans were prepared by soaking this flowerpot overnight and I put a piece of muslin cloth to cover the hole at the bottom of the pot to prevent the beans from washing out.I'll be kept busy by rinsing the beans under the tap with warm water at least three times a day.


  1. Hi Uncle Phil

    Got to celebrate!


  2. Uncle Phil

    Don´t forget my 1 kg order !

  3. Hi CClarice,
    No worries. Are you in Sweden? If that is the case, I'll send you the mung beans to grow your own ;D

    Uncle Phil

  4. What a lovely surprise! I also want 1 kg of your mung beans...just kidding! I wanted to do it yesterday but was too busy with my dinner preparation for a Malaysian guest.Will do that today.

  5. Hi Estee,
    Are you able to buy the mung beans form your local Asian store? Is the guarantine as toruk as here. :D. If not I can always send you some.

  6. Mung bean is very cheap here..I have no problem getting it..Thanks for asking anyway.

  7. You are so kind.Mung bean is really cheap here, thanks for asking.

  8. Hi Uncle Phil,

    I remember sprouting green beans in our science class in primary school... on wet cotton wool in glass jam containers. Back then, who knew this would be put to good use later! :)


  9. Hi Ange,
    It reminds me of a old Chinese saying "learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere". :)

    Cheers, Phil